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 Our society of Chhattisgarh is known for ancient tribal population with some endemic and endangered tribes. There is a good diversity  among tribes from cloth less lifestyle to modern lifestyle. Some population are in very small number and facing sanguinity and wide  genetic variation.

 In other hand the region is also reflecting diversified social life with varied customs and culture. They are also facing variety of  pathogenicity due to genetic alterations and ancient life style.

 So the department of Anthropology is highly relevant in pretext of above scenario. That's why the department of Anthropology was  introduced in the year 1984 with undergraduate courses.


 Our vision is to study our society both from the evolutionary and sociological point of view. We want a wide study of genetic variation as  well as cultural variation in human society of the region. Our goal is to bring isolated population among mainstream with balancing hand  of conservation of ancient and traditional population.


 To fulfill above vision our mission are –

  1. To create interest among youngsters about knowledge of Anthropological science with graduate degree.
  2. To investigate threatened and endangered tribal population from the society.
  3. To investigate genetic variation among tribal population of the society.
  4. To conserve threatened and endangered tribal population of the society.
  5. To conserve their original traditional life style.

 So to fulfill above need our department is generating skilled and competent stakeholders.


Guest Lectures






Dr. Jitendra Kumar

(Pd. R.S.U, Raipur)

Career Counselling



Dr. Shailendra Kumar

(Pd. R.S.U, Raipur)

Thoughts in Anthropology



Topic 01 Write up: 

 Dr. Jitendra Kumar, Lecturer, School of Studies of Anthropology, Pandit Ravishankar University, Raipur,had delivered a lecture to the  students on the topic "Career in Anthropology".

Topic 02 Write up: 

Dr. Shailendra Kumar, Asstt Prof. in Anthropology had given a lecture on the topic "Thoughts in Anthropology" for final year B.Sc. students.


There are about 1200 books in the main library. Some rare books like "Dermatoglyphic study by Cummins and Midlow,
Old stone age by M.C. Burkitt" are also available.


Extension activities



Extension activity



Extension activity in Higher Secondary School at Village Anda, Durg district.


Details of the extension activity: 

The students of department participated and discussed with the students of Govt. Higher Secondary School at Village Anda (Durg district) on the topic of Human Genetics, Blood Groups, Utility of finger prints and Blood samples in crime detection etc. They helped the students with their problems and provided solutions to them.

In- house activity



Extension activity



Lecture delivered to M.Sc students of zoology dept. by the Faculty of Anthropology



Visit of Anthropology students of  Govt. Digvijay College, Rajnandgaon 


Details of In- house activity: 

 Activity 01: A thorough lecture was given by the faculty in charge of Anthropology to the M.Sc. students of Govt. V.Y.T.P.G. College,  Durg on the topic of Human evolution at Anthropology Human evolution laboratory.

Details of In- house activity: 

 Activity 02: The Anthropology students of Govt. Digvijay College, Rajnandgaon visited the departmental laboratory where various  archaeological stone tools and human skeleton and anatomy were discussed with them by the faculty.


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1 Dr. Sandhya AgrawalPh.D. AnthropologyAsst. Professor and HOD- View Profile

Lecture delivered to M.Sc students of zoology dept. by the Faculty of Anthropology

Venue : Govt. Digvijay College, Rajnandgaon
Date : 04-02-2015

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