Seven days’ Workshop on Developing Soft Skills for PG. Students.





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Two Days’ Workshop on Communication Skills


CPE Phase-2

8th and 9th March


Seven days’ Workshop on Developing Soft Skills for PG. Students.



16th to 23rd September


Ten days’ Workshop on Know the Basics of English Grammar and Correct Your Language.



18th to 28th February


Two days’ Workshop on Personality Development and Interview Skills



3rd and 4th February


Three days’ Workshop on Proficiency Development in English for PG. Students(Physics)



6th, 13th, 20th September


Three days’ Language Workshop for College Teachers



26th to 28th October


Two days’ Workshop on Enhancement of Communication Skills



2nd and 3rd February


Two days’ National Workshop on English Language



26th and 27th November


Two days’ workshop on communication skills ‘Sikharr’ organized by Le Magnus



10th and 11th January


With globalization having opened up new prospects for those proficient in English language and well up in their knowledge of English ,the ability to speak ,listen, question and write with conciseness and clarity are essential for all students. With this objective in mind the department organizes workshops on communication skills at state level,sometimes volunteered by private institutions and more often by the faculty of the department .Besides the conventional methods and resources available as the means to acquire proficiency in the target language ,technology offers an opportunity to exploit ICT facilities and other technological devices to make teaching and learning effective and interesting. Communicating in English is a major problem for the students who come from semi-urban or rural background and whose medium of studies is not English .Hence pertaining to our mission the faculty takes it as an onus to prepare our learners to enhance their language skills through skill-building programmes.


  • 2010: Two Days' workshop titled "Sikharr" on communication skills was organized by Le Magnus School of Management.


  • 2010: Five Days' workshop from 22nd November to 26th November was conducted by departmental faculty Dr. Nirjarani Pathak.


  • 2010: Two Day's workshop on 27th and 29th November was conducted on 'Personal Grooming' by the departmental faculty- Dr. Qamar Talat, Dr. Tarlochan Kaur and Dr. Meena Maan on Etiquettes, Manners and Hygiene.


  • 2010: Two Days' workshop from 28th and 29th November on Personality Development and Interview Skills was conducted by the then departmental faculty Dr. Somali Gupta.


  • 2011: Two Days' National workshop on English Language ie., on 26th and 27th November was conducted by Rtd. Prof. Rehman, Mr. Tauseef- Ur-Rehman (MMCT) and Ms. Reena Jain (NIT, Raipur).


  • 2013: Two Days' workshop on 'Enhancement of Communication Skills' conducted by Rtd. Prof. Rehman, Mr. Tausef- Ur- Rehman and Ms. Reena Jain was organized on 2nd, 3rd February 2013.


  • 2013 :Three Days' U.G.C. sponsored state level workshop from 26th to 28th October 2013for teachers was organized. It was titled 'Enhancement in Spoken English Studies' and conducted by Mr. Tausef- Ur- Rehman, Asstt. Professor of English at MMCT,Raipur , CG.


  • 2014: Three days' workshop was conducted for the PG. students of Physics on "Proficiency Development in English" by Dr. Tarlochan Kaur, faculty, Deptt. Of English.


  • 2015: Seven days' workshop on 'Developing Soft Skills' for PG students organized by the departmental faculty.


  • 2015: Ten Days' workshop on 'Know the Basics of English Grammar and correct your language' was conducted by Dr. Nirjarani Pathak, a faculty of the department.


Today organizations are looking for candidates who are smart and have good interpersonal skills.Subsequently two days' workshop on' Personality Development and Interview-skills' organized by the department on 3rd, 4th February 2015. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Somali Gupta.


  • 2016: Two day's workshop on Communication Skills was organized in the language lab for PG. students on 8th and 9th March,. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Chandrashekhar Sharma, Professor of Humanities, CSIT, Durg.