Activities of the Physics Department 2016-2017


1. In physics department of Govt VYTPg College Durg a program was conducted for Experiment Learning for student of St Xaviers School in September 2017. In this program the student of 12th seen the experimental setups and done some experiments like find the value of acceleration due to gravity, measurement of viscosity coefficient for glycerin and so on. The experiments were performed and calculation was done under Prof. Jagjeet Kaur Saluja, Dr. Anita Shukla, Dr. Abhishek Kumar Misra, Shri Chandan Tamrakar, Miss Depika Chnadrakar, Miss Shweta Rajput and Smt Kiran Patle.

2. In Physics Department of Govt. VYTPG College Durg a Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) was organized in October 2017. In this meeting the guardians of students knew the performance of their students. The discussion and suggestion was given to the guardians and amended in practice. During this

meeting Prof. Purna Bose, Prof. Jagjeet Kaur Saluja, Dr. Anita Shukla and Dr. Abhishek Kumar Misra were present with guardians of PG Students.

3. The Physics Lab was visited by participating students during Inspire Program 22-26 November 2017. The students seen the apparatus and circuit diagrams and learn the method of doing experiments in Physics. The students were very keen to see the equipments and techniques used for measuring physical parameters. During the lab visit the Prof. Purna Bose, Prof. Jagjeet Kaur Saluja, Dr. Anita Shukla, Dr. Abhishek Kumar Misra, Miss Vidya Shri and Miss Deepika Chandrakar were present.

4. Govt. VYTPG College Durg conducted symposia on sustainable, environment and natural resources. The PG students of Physics Department were participated in this symposium. Mr. Tushar Ranjan and his team presented an oral presentation. Two students of Physics Department Miss Monika Chandakar and Miss Deepti Deshmukh were winner of quiz competition during this symposium. Prof. Jagjeet Kaur Saluja, Dr. Anita Shukla and Dr.
Abhishek Kumar Misra were present.

5. The campaign of clean India movement is the biggest step taken ever cleanliness drive till date. During the campaign of Clean India Prof. Jagjeet Kaur Saluja, Dr. Anita Shukla and Dr. Abhishek Kumar Misra visited Karanja Bhilai, Khamharia and Thanaud village. The aim of this campaign was to make common public aware about it. They told the village people the importance of hygiene and cleanliness around their surrounding because unhygienic condition is one of major root cause of diseases. They gave some basic sanitation facilities to each and every village peoples.

6. Prof. Rama Shankar Singh, Dr. Abhishek Kumar Misra and UG students were participated in rally to make public aware of HIV/AIDS under NSS and Red Cross on the occasion of World Aids Day. The rally started around 11.00 am from Govt. VYTPG College Durg and concluded at Malwiya Chowk Durg. Students used handmade posters, slogan and flex to make the public aware. Prof. Rama Shankar Singh said HIV caused AIDS and inferred with body ability to fight infection, if detected early regular consultation and proper treatment help in fighting infection and allows patient to live long. Dr. Abhishek Kumar Misra emphasized the blood donation was the most significant contribution, one can make towards society.

7. Dr. Abhishek Kumar Misra participated and addressed UG students during NSS camp Khapri on 18 Jan 2019. He emphasized on importance of NSS camp and its benefit. The aim of this camp was to aware public and students about cleanliness. During this camp Dr. Abhishek Kumar Misra discussed the current affairs and the working of NSS. He also told students for concentrating about
different PSC exams and other competitive exams.