The Physics Department of Govt.V.Y.T.P.G. Autonomous College, Durg as per the schedule of the annual program list took the students of M.Sc. Previous and final on an educational trip to the Temple City of India, Puri the Capital city  Bhubaneshwar , Orissa started the journey on 2 March , 2020 along with two professors Dr. Anita Shukla and Mrs. Siteshwari Chandrakar of the department as our guardians, teachers and as our companions. The purpose of this trip was to inculcate the concept of “ Education through travel“ including various heritage and educational tourist spots including Science City and Planetarium in Bhubaneshwar on the first day of the tour where all the students got to explore the basic facts and experiments of science through science seminar had been taken by an expert provided by the Science city to us. Through the seminar we learnt the concepts of pressure, force , tension , and also understood some of the basic principles such as Bernoulli’s Principle , Newton's third law of motion and the Archimedes principle as well while participating in the experiment as a subject which includes Leena Sudhakar of M.Sc. final acted as a subject helped us in understanding and recalling conservation of momentum and moment of inertia , Vimal Jatewar and Anant kumar of M.Sc. final and Samta Salecha of M.Sc. previous also helped working as a subject in the class. We also had visited the Science, Mathematics, Space, Chemistry etc. labs there provided with the easy, fun and playful methods for understanding the concepts of science in a life like environment. Science City Bhubaneshwar had also been provided with the 3D theatre show where we saw a science fiction movie for 45minutes and a “Taramandal” show basically showing our Galaxy and its mysterious facts. The instructor there showed the constellation of the 12 Zodiac signs inthe astrology and some interesting and intriguing facts about it with the help of projector. After that we visited the planetarium where we saw a science fiction movie for about 1 hour 30 minutes titled as “Galaxy and its mystery”which turned out to be the best part of our trip. As it was the amalgamation of the arts and science tour.

So,we had visited the famous 12th century Jagannatha Temple, Puri situated near Bay of Bengal also known as “Shri Jagannatha Dham” one of the most original “chaar Dham “of the Hindus. Its magnificent architecture, sculptures,Vedic hymns written on the walls and its high religious belief in the ancient history embarked an excitement and gratitude within us to be able to make us feel privileged. Puri is famous for its sand art and the most beautiful and the cleanest beach of India “The Golden Beach”. It’s geographical location nearest to Bay of Bengal makes it the deepest of India as well where we had spent our unforgettable 3 hours with friends. The next day we had continued our journey and visited Lingaraj Temple , Ramchandi Mandir where we enjoyed boat ride and them finally reached Konark or the sun temple about 35km from Puri towards northeast. It was the last day of our trip to Orissa but we were profoundly excited to see another class heritage and odisi style architecture of Kalinga Dynasty. We also understood the significance of “ Kaal Chakras” or Time wheel through our guide and also enjoyed the beautiful recreation of the place. We purchased the handicrafts made with marbles, shells, wood, bags  and enjoyed ourselves with the local foods including aloo dum dahi vada , pakhala bhata and sweet items etc. We returned on 5 March 2020 with a tons of profound and enriching experience with thousand memories of learnings and bondings. Every group visit is beneficial not only for education but also for our all round development and behaiviour.