We have often heard in childhood, that stronger the pillar, stronger and beautiful the house will be stronger the roots stronger and more beautiful will be the tree. Like that more practical knowledge we give to the school children more rigid and strong the roots will be. On 27 th January 2020 Faculties and PG Physics students were visited Government Senior secondary School Kodia, Durg under extension activity. The main purpose of visiting the school is to teach school children the importance of cleanliness, health and to aware those about employment related education so that they will be able to give right direction to their upcoming future endeavors and set their targets and goals.

In this program M.Sc final students Laxmi Prasad Mishra, Bhanu Prakash, Rohit Sahu, Reitesh and Anant Kumar explained school children about the importance of Arduino  advantages and disadvantages  and how it works and its importance, Roshan, Rohit Ekka , Geetanjali, Yogeshwari , Domeshwari, AditiSingh, Samta Salecha , Vimal Sinha and Ravi explained about the experimental instruments like Vernier Calipers Screw Gauge telescope and also showed them visually and explained its importance. Professor Siteshwari Chandrakar, Prince, Tushar, Ajay Sen, Chetna Deshmukh, Aanchal,Mukti and Akarshit conducted a survey of cleanliness program  by asking questions related to cleanliness and also did the analysis. Dr. Anita Shukla, Dr. Abhishek Misra , Lubhna Khan and Priyanka conducted a quiz competition in which class 9th 10th and 11th standard students  were participated.M.Sc student Pratiksha Tiwari and Nikita Usare presented Nukkad Natak where Ajay, Reitesh, and Vimal gave message about how to choose career related subjects and how it is related with our interest and our knowledge while choosing a subject and stream. Usha, Astha, Leena , Surabhi , Payal, Domin Lata alsorepresented the importance, advantages and disadvantages of using technology and also explained the importance of Technology in the education field. They said do not misuse technology because they harm their future. They also have given a message to not overuse social media applications. Spending hours on social media can become addiction which may lead to bad results.

On this occasion Principal Anil Kumar Gupta welcomed physics department professors and appreciated their efforts. He also told that organization of  programs like this will help school children to set the goals. He also told that quality education have been provided to the school children, he gave credit to the school teachers for the insurance of quality education. On this occasion IQAC coordinator Dr. Jagjeet Kaur Saluja thanking school’s principal and said that school children should be taught about achievements of science and new innovations. She also said that if any student among all gets associated with the progress of science then the motive behind this program will get fulfilled. Department’s professors and PG students gave brief description of scientists H.J. Bhabha and Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam their life journeys achievements and how they represented India outside and brought Laurels in our country. While explaining the importance of cleanliness and how it is compulsory to maintain it and also told the importance of mental,physical, intellectual and social cleanliness and everybody should contribute in making of a crystal clear society. Dr. Jagjeet Kaur Saluja said that too ensure students participation teachers should conduct essay, slogan ,painting,and quiz competition regularly. Like that in cleanliness survey first five students and three students from  9th,  10th,  11th were announced winners us to competition and were given prizes and a Rally spreading awareness about cleanliness were also organized in village Kodia. At the end of program vote of thanks had been given by teacher Neelima Ujjaini . During this program Dr.Jagjeet Kaur Saluja , Dr.Anita Shukla , Dr. R.S. Singh, Mrs. Siteshwari Chandrakar and Dr. Abhishek Misra including school's Principal Anil Kumar Gupta,teachers and students were present. Head of department Dr. Purna Bose expressedher gratitude and happiness to words the success of this program and appreciated everyone's participation. Principal Dr. R.N. Singh appreciated post graduation students and encouraged them to do programs like this in future. He also looked at it as an opportunity for college students to share their experience,knowledge to school students and guide them.