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Invited Talks

Venue : Govt. V.Y.T. PG Autonomous College, Durg
Date : 23/10/2016

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Invited Talks

Dr. J. S. Yadav, (Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Awardee)

J.C. Bose fellow and former Director. of IICT, Hyderabad delivered an enlightening and very informative invited talk on “Chemistry for Sustainable Development”

Dr. N. B. Singh

Emiritus Fellow, Chemistry Department, ShardaUniversity,NOIDA, gave a lecture on 23/10/2016,during which he enlightened the students and faculty members of Chemistry Department on Renewable and non-renewable sources of energy in which he gave an extensive talk on solar cells and the use of nanomaterials in the manufacture of these cells. His lecture was thought provoking which encouraged the students to pursue a career in research.

Dr. K. H. Chikalia

On the same day, renowned Dr. K. H. Chikalia, Professor of Chemistry from Gujrat University, Allahabad, delivered an extensive lecture on Reaction Mechanism by taking various examples focusing on Nucleophilic substitution reaction, neighbouring group effect, kinetic, stereochemistry and effect of various parameters

Dr. A. K. Singh

On the same day, Dr. A. K. Singh,IIT Mumbai gave a lecture on Photochemical aspects of vision in which he elaborated on the chemical changes occurring in the retina during the visual activity. He also gave detailed information to the students about the Fellowships available to them to pursue research.

Dr. Ali Mohammed

On 26/10/2016,well known author Dr. Ali Mohammed, Chemistry Department, Aligarh Muslim University, gave a detailed lecture on “Separation techniques like Chromatography and detection of adulteration in food”. He focused on recent trends involved in separation of various constituents in a mixture which could be applied in the analysis of various samples while conducting research activities.

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